About Us

Greenhouses, tunnels, netting structures

Gildan Greenhouses Ltd. builds greenhouses, tunnels and netting structures for a wide range of crops:  flowers, vegetables and herbs.  Gildan’s metal structures are planned and engineered according to the Israeli standard for agriculture structures.

All parts of the construction are made of galvanized metal and ready for assembly in the field with screws.  These modular structures are very easy to assembly and require no welding!

Our structures are suitable for a wide range of systems:  cultivation on detached growing media, irrigation and fertilization, ventilators, thermal screen systems, heating systems, control boards and interior climate control systems.

Packing houses, storage and logistics

Gildan Greenhouses Ltd. builds storage, packing and logistics buildings for a range of purposes and needs.  The buildings are planned to incorporate goods transportation systems, shelving and logistical means specific to each structure.  To ensure maximum utilization of space and facilitate movement in the building, Gildan Greenhouses Ltd. structures are characterized by wide openings with no middle columns.  The company has engineering capabilities in the areas of both planning and execution, and uses modular building systems that include steel structures, prefabricated elements, conventional construction and advanced cladding systems.

Listening to the client’s needs

We put a lot of thought into understanding the needs of our clients and efficiently implementing their requirements.   Our thorough initial planning, taking a broad view of all aspects of the project, helps the customer to make considered and correct decisions, and enables the company to work continuously and accurately.

The company employs engineers, agronomists and work managers, who make use of the best contractors in their fields.  We are big enough to take on projects of any size, but not too big to maintain personal contact with maximum availability for our customers.