V6.4 Fixed Vent with Curtain

General Information
Technical Data
This model works to solve ventilation and humidity problems and is resistant to extreme climate conditions. This model has fixed openings located above the gutter. The roof ventilation provides 25% of the total ventilation of the covered area. The roof vent can be naturally ventilated and closed by insect netting or ventilated by roll-up curtain. V-6.4 greenhouses are suitable for all types of vegetables and flowers, including varieties that require the hanging trellis technique.
  • Side wall openings can be covered with insect-proof net and roll-up curtains.
  • Cladding: either single or double polyethylene film.
  • The design accommodates a variety of equipment and accessories (thermal screens, fans, air circulators, irrigation systems, heating systems, control systems, substrate media, automatically operated curtain…..).
  • The frame is fabricated from galvanized steel. Gildan use galvanized tubes and an open profile to ensure longevity and sustained structural integrity. These unique tubes and open profiles are used to manufacture the major components of the structure frame & foundation.
  • The structure design complies with the Israeli Steel Structure standard and Structural Loads standards.
  • The structure is assembled using only nuts and bolts, requiring no welding work in the field.
Multiples of 6.4 m
Under gutter height
Up to 4.5 m depending on the model
Distance between arches
Multiples of 2 m or 4m
Arch diameter
Profile 100x50 mm
Opening of roof vent
1.6 m
Withstands wind speed of :
120 - 150 km/h
Withstands trellising load up to:
25 kg/m²