Growing Media

General Information
Technical Data

Gildan supply and install several types of growing media, all tailor made and designed for the individual customer, whatever their circumstances. Growing media are available in many forms and materials.

GILDAN supplies the following growing media:

·         Coco peat

·         Rock wall

·         Container system

·         Growing gutter system

·         Benches

With Gildan growing media you can obtain the most efficient way of cultivation. We have a solution for every cultivation need, because we make use of the materials offered by all the well-known substrate and growing gutter suppliers. There are substrates which can be used for 3 years such as Cocopeat, others can be used only for a year .There are "dry" and "wet" substrates and each substrate has its own characteristics. Which substrate to choose depends on many factors, such as the length of time required for a specific culture, the preferred watering method, and cost. Contact us for complete information.